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Topic of the Day: Time-Machine to 1848 North America

Discovering an ancient map can be fascinating, not just for the lure of perhaps uncovering long-hidden treasure, but also for the snapshots it reveals of our world when it looked very different from the present day. This map is a time-machine window to North America in 1848, 166 years ago.   If we peek through that […]

Topic of the day: Turkeys and Thanksgiving

The common turkey has been celebrated as symbol of harvest plentitude, had a holiday named after it, glutted on as holiday main course, farmed for 2000 years, migrated to Europe and back, hunted towards extinction in North America and bounced back, marketed as the healthiest meat to tuck between sliced bread, and provided many additions […]

Topic of the Day: Goosebumps

Goose bumps, or goose pimples, can happen when we are scared or get suddenly exposed to a chilly breeze.   The skin gets bumpy and our hair stands up more, giving rise to terms like “hair-raising scare.” Imagine sitting alone in an empty room in a dead-silent deserted house, when suddenly you feel an ice cold […]